Research and Engineering

Kirloskar Corporate Research and Engineering and Application Engineering Departments are staffed with over 100 engineers dedicated to making Kirloskar engines deliver the highest performance and reliability. They are equipped with the latest simulation and testing equipment designed to discover the most optimized performance from Kirloskar engines. KOEL is the first Indian engine manufacturer to meet American emission standards (EPA certification) for the Industrial Engine market.

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Kirloskar has invested millions in R&D for new engine platform development and emissions certifications. Our emissions labs are CRF 1065 compliant to meet the requirements of EPA engine certifications. New and existing platforms are also being optimized to set new benchmarks in terms of fuel economy, power and cost. Engine range expansion in terms of displacement volume of the engines has been an ongoing activity. The existing engine platforms are being upgraded on a continuous basis for higher peak cylinder pressure thereby producing higher BMEP. Our in-house engineering and research departments successfully launched 180 bar peak cylinder pressure engines and are currently developing technology for 200 plus bar peak cylinder pressure engines.